For Fresh Breath Confidence

Tongue cleaning removes 400% more bacteria than brushing alone.

Our innovative tongue cleaners called Oral hygiene wand can reduce bad breath and help prevent gum disease by as much as 85%.

These wands have been designed to bevel with the contour of the tongue with minimal gag reflex depending on individuals.

Clinical studies have shown 90%of halitosis is due to gases (volatile sulphur compounds) arising from debris on the tongue. These debris leave a coating known as plaque.

Bacteria lodged on the tongue surface are not effectively removed by brushing alone as tongue cleaners remove 400% more bacteria than an ordinary toothbrush.


Daily use of tongue cleaners before teeth brushing have been shown to contribute to greatly improved dental and general health.

Suitable for the whole family but children must be supervised by an adult.



The wands are strong made in plastic and easy to use and are designed to reach places other tongue cleaners cannot.

1. By the age of 35, three out of every four adults in the Western World develop some form of gum disease.

2. Bad odours from the mouth arise mainly from sulphur gases produced by bacteria living in cavities in the gums.

3. Tongue cleaning can help reduce gum disease, tooth decay and bad breath by 85%.

4. Tongue cleaning removes 400% more bacteria than brushing alone.

5. Tongue cleaning removes the plaque covering the tongue, refreshing the taste buds.

6. Tongue cleaning stimulates your appetite.

7. Tongue cleaning gives you fresh breath confidence all day.

8. The Excellent oral hygiene wand types 1 & 2 are the latest state of the art design and are easier to use than most other brands.

9. Designs 1 & 2 cater for the whole family.

10. Regular use of the Excellent oral Wand will enhance your self esteem.

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